DJ Velvet Sky alias Christian Lehn from Karlsruhe/Germany has been deejaying since 1997 at bars, clubs and
festivals throughout Germany, sometimes in cooperation with other artists and DJs like DJ Geräuschkulisse from Leipzig/St Gallen.
His styles are house, techno, trance, electro, chillout music and drum'n'bass. Even if these styles are very different,
he manages to open a very deep dive far beyond the mainstream surface of each style and takes the home listeners
or dancing crowd on an amazing acoustic voyage they will never forget.

Some of past Velvet Sky sensations took part @ locations like:

House Of Summer Festival / Hagenwerder (Görlitz)
Lounge @ Radio MDR Sputnik / Halle
Cafe Charleston /Hoyerswerda
Gelbe Seiten Cafe / Karlsruhe
Gotec Club / Karlsruhe (several parties)
Madame Pompadour / Karlsruhe
Kingz Of Beats @ Freies Radio Kassel
Cafe Blickwinkel / Leipzig
Reich und Schön / Leipzig
Broker's Inn / Mannheim
MagnetClub @ Rote Bar / Nürnberg

To get the closest possible Velvet Sky experience at your party, bar, club or electronic music festival just swing by
the worldwide booking form (available soon again) and look forward to an unique burning hot night
of pure electronic music delight.